Many prefer to eat canned tuna, but some warn of excessive handling, especially pregnant women, because it contains a high proportion of mercury, what benefits and damages tuna? What is the best?
Benefits and harms

Dr. Amal Faraj, a nutritionist at InShape clinics, said the tuna has many benefits. It contains all the important proteins the body needs and can not manufacture. It is also rich in omega-3 fats, which are useful for memory and concentration, and are recommended foods. In the case of a weight loss diet «diet».

As for canned tuna damage, the therapeutic nutritionist pointed out that there were reports that it contained a high percentage of mercury, but this is not scientifically confirmed, but its harm is that it contains high salts that cause water retention in the body, Portfolio, so it is advised not to overdo it.
Best species

Tuna is more than a species, explains Faraj, the best of which is:

    Fresh tuna is the best.

    One-piece canned tuna or large pieces are better than crumbs, because they are made from fish meat and not fish-like residues, such as crumbs, which may sometimes add rotten fish.

    Tuna «Lain» canned in a solution of water better than canned in oil, because the calories are lower, so useful in the diet, and more rich in Omega 3.

In the case of canned tuna in oil, recommends the therapeutic nutritionist, the need to filter the oil and then washed with water and vinegar and then add lemon and vinegar and take it, because it harmful hydrogenated oils.

    For higher nutritional value, it is possible to buy tuna cans labeled Omega 3 Plus.