God loves the earth with a lot of food needed by the body, and these materials Fryika, Valverika is the hard and hard part of wheat, and is harvested this part before it is cooked, then roasted on the fire, and dried to be easily saved. It is considered one of the main ingredients in European kitchens, after it has been identified with its nutritional properties and its many benefits. Ferica was discovered and obtained when a field in the Middle East was attacked. The wheat was still immature green. The farmers were forced to dispose of the outer shell of the burnt wheat and the pulp, and were discovered and cooked in the cooking methods.

The nutritional value of Frika

 There are many nutrients in the ferica, and it was found that a quarter cup of frike contains: sixty-one calories. One gram of fat. Thirty-two grams of carbohydrates. Seven grams of fiber. Six grams of protein. Large percentage of iron. A large percentage of phosphorus and magnesium are important for healthy bones, teeth and brain. The benefits of frike elimination of excess weight, it is rich in fibers and proteins that cause the feeling of satiety for long periods, which helps in the lack of eating high in calories, and can be prepared Ferica in healthy ways and low-calorie. Studies have shown that it contains four times the fiber found in brown rice, and it is low in carbohydrates and contains starch, which also helps in reducing weight, so linked to food programs that try to lose weight Fareika. Eye protection from diseases due to their containment of lutein and zyazanthine, two compounds of antioxidant compounds that protect the eye from macular degeneration. Protect the digestive system from diseases such as constipation and stomach diseases due to large amounts of fiber, and it increases the bacteria in the digestive system that stimulate digestive processes. Regulation of blood sugar because it is low in content of glycemic. Prevention of cancer, such as colon cancer, because it contains Boeric. Lower cholesterol levels in the body which protects the heart and arteries from diseases such as strokes, strokes and atherosclerosis. Note: People who suffer from the disease of sliding away from Ferica; because of the contain gluten, even if a small proportion compared with wheat, but it may harm them.