The Heinsberg Mayor Wolfgang Dieder was presented with 500 parcels with a wide variety of Baladna foods. The packages with high-quality specialties of oriental cuisine are distributed to people in need via the municipal regulatory office.

Werner Krauss, Managing Director of Baladna, DE: “Baladna means“ home ”in German. Our company is the largest manufacturer and distributor of Arabic HALAL food in Germany, and was founded by the Syrian-Turkish entrepreneur Abdulrazak Kattan in southern Turkey. With this campaign, Baladna wants to show that regardless of origin and belief, we are all affected by the Corona crisis and we are all called upon to tackle this crisis together. ”

The entrepreneur Kattan and his international workforce had particularly followed the events in Heinsberg with great sympathy in the past few weeks: “With our donation I would like to show a sympathy for people in the neighboring community Heinsberg, which was particularly affected by the Corona crisis. As a company with our European headquarters, we have been active in North Rhine-Westphalia since 2017, and have been very warmly welcomed and supported in our work. Now is the time to give something back. ”

Mayor Wolfgang Dieder has never had any contact with the Arab cuisine. After a first contact with Baladna, he tasted the contents of a trial package together with his Iraqi employee of the regulatory office, Mustafa Waleed, and was surprised: “The donated products are really delicious and many people from Heinsberg will be sure to find out about this culinary variety looking forward. But in addition to the pure donation in kind, it is also very important and comforting for our community that people show their sympathy. ”

In bright sunshine, Issam Kattan, Deputy General Manager, Baladna, and Werner Krauss, Managing Director Baladna DE, presented a donation of 500 parcels filled with Arabic food to Heinsberg citizens to Heinsberg Mayor Wolfgang Dieder.

Left to right:
Employee Baladna
Issam Kattan, Deputy General Manager, Baladna
Wolfgang Dieder, Mayor of Heinsberg
Mustafa Waleed, Heinsberger Ordnungsamt
Werner Krauss, Managing Director, Baladna Germany

Baladna is a leading manufacturer and trader of Arabic halal food. The range includes more than two hundred high-quality food products as well as a vegan division for healthy and modern foods with an oriental taste.

The success of Baladna DE is based on more than 20 years of experience in this area. The consistent and strict quality policy is the guarantee of this success.
The selection of high-quality raw materials from trustworthy suppliers is crucial for the high quality of the products, which are manufactured in accordance with international standards. The Research & Development area enables the constant further development of the products and the expansion of the range.
The dedicated Baladna team consists of academics and technicians from different nationalities such as Arabs, Turks, Europeans and Americans.
In addition to Arab and European customers who appreciate the variety of oriental products, Baladna is enjoying increasing popularity among vegans.
Baladna's headquarters in the Middle East are in Turkey. With ten branches and agencies spread across all major cities in the country, Baladna supplies thousands of outlets. From its headquarters in Turkey, Baladna exports to the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Baladna's European headquarters are in Grevenbroich, near Düsseldorf. From there, millions of customers in Europe are supplied.