Today is the first Sahwar Ramadan Ramadan days, God rest on our Islamic nation good luck
Suhoor is a prophetic year recommended by the Messenger of Allah

Today, our country has brought you the best and finest halal items to offer you the best suhoor 😋😋
And all of Baladna

✅ Baladna Mortadella tastes gentle and warm and olives
✅ Spiced with our own flour tahini
✅ Homs in Tahina (rosary) Baladna
✅ Baladna is full
✅ Bean of the great Shamia seed of Baladna
✅ Tahina Baladna
✅ Baladna luxury with peanuts
✅ Zaatar Zaydna Halabi Al - Asail Al - Sumaq, Pomegranate and Green
✅ Virgin olive oil of Baladna
✅ Cakes brownish Shami Sesame and the blessing of blessing Baladna
✅ Green olives in Baladna
✅ Black olives of Baladna
✅ tuna Baladna gentlemen and warm fresh brushes
✅ Sardine Baladna luxury with a new concept of sardines
✅ And of course for Suhur and breakfast narrate your thirst with
juice granules of Baladna .

Recovery of fruit granules 🍹

Family size 1 liter with orange pulp and natural 💯%
With him, Juma'a al-'Ila and Bayasir are the best

As well as the stylish metal packaging of the new Lok and its refreshing summer colors fruit grains and wonderful flavors 😍😍
Pineapple 🍍
Orange 🍊
Peaches 🍑
Mango 🥑

✅ Luxury quality
✅ Competitive prices

Baladna wishes you a blessed happiness, a happy meal and a delicious breakfast