Our Story

Baladna is a leading company in manufacturing and distribution of premium Arabic Halal food products. Our portfolio includes hundreds of high-quality food items and a vegan branch for healthy and modern food products with oriental taste.

Our success based on more than 20 years of experience in this field. We in Baladna believe that our consequent and continues application of the principle “quality first” is the secret behind our achievement.


The selection of the best globally available raw materials from the best suppliers is one of our priorities to ensure the superior quality of our products which match international standards. Our research-based think-tank allows us to develop and expand our assortments continuously. 


We in Baladna are proud of our talented team of academics and technicians from different nationalities including Arabs, Turks, Europeans and Americans whose working diligently to present the best quality and service to our valuable customers. 


Our diverse products meet the demands of our Arab and European customers whose are very interested in discovering the rich Arabic cuisine represented in Baladna products. Moreover, Baladna succeed in getting a firmly established place among vegetarians whose found in Baladna products a mixture of healthy, unique and exotic plant-based nutrition.


Baladna´s Middle East headquarter is located in Turkey where we have ten branches and agents spread across the major cities in the country and supplying thousands of points of sale. In addition, we export our products from Turkey to the Middle East, Africa and Europe.


Our European headquarter is located in Germany in the vicinity of Dusseldorf. We are proud to be one of the biggest Arabic distribution companies in Germany. Through our professional sales team and our distribution vehicles we are able to supply thousands of sales points in the different countries and cities of the European union and to serve millions of our consumers in Europe.


We are interested in establishing a strong, distinctive and long-term economic relationships based on trust and strategic cooperation with our customers and suppliers. The continuous development of our working process, marketing and distribution is a crucial issue to keep our leading position on the international markets. 

We in Baladna are proud of our modern and feasible ecommerce website, which we developed in cooperation with specialized German and international companies to offer our clients the best service.

Baladna Shop


Our online shop stands out due to its user friendliness and data security and offers detailed information about our products and its composition making shopping an enjoyable experience for our retailers and customers.

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