Baladna brand is the leading supplier of Arabic Halal food, offering more than 150 different premium Quality oriental halal products of superior taste to it's demanding customers.


Having 20 years experience, we are proud of our experienced team, a large number of dedicated specialists and academics of European, Arab and Turkish nationalities, working with great passion and devotion for the success of the company.

We targeting an ever growing, international rooted Arabic and Turkish people as well as vegetarians, vegans and consumers that have an interest in authentic, premium ethnic food with an authentic and superior taste.

Baladna’s Middle East headquarter resides in Turkey with branches and agents in over 12 Turkish major cities.

We cover a market of more than 5200 retail outlets

and we export from Turkey to most of the Middle Eastern, African and European countries.

Our European headquarter is located in Germany near the city of Duesseldorf (Grevenbroich) with a sales and marketing team that diligently supports our agents and retail customers. We cover a market of more than 1,200 retail outlets, serving more than ten million consumers all over Europe.

In Baladna on top of our priorities is the selection of the world's best suppliers so we keep the quality of our products at the premium level and assuring their matching to highest specifications and international standards by adopting scientific research, selecting the best raw materials and applying the highest level of international standards.

And at the commercial side, we always strive in BALADNA to establish distinctive and strong trade relations with international companies and the traders, built upon trust, long-term relation and common interest, along with the adoption of continuous development of work methods including planning, selling process and creative marketing to guarantee a privileged position in the global markets.

As visionaries and innovators in our market, we are proud to announce that we will start soon our E-commerce and our soon to be opened online shop B2B and B2C.

Within a secure, easy-to-use, professional design, content and professional service

Through this service, BALADNA company seeks to be the world leader in the field of E-commerce in the field of Halal Arabic food.